Free Chore Printable

Need some motivation for the kids to remind them to do their chores? You can grab these free chore printables so they can PICK A CHORE! 

Okay guys. I’m all about the chores. I love teaching my kids responsibility and show them that effort goes into keeping the house clean! My kids usually do a chore a day- and then Saturday we clean a space together. They have been pretty lax lately- so we decided to add a little fun to our chores!

PICK A CHORE! Definitely inspired by pam’s wheel! They come home and randomly have to pick a chore chart! Some chores are good- some are less desirable. One says No chore–A freebie card! BUT- it does make it a lot more fun to pick! I did allow my kids to trade if both parties are willing! 


The Chore Printables comes with the pick a chore, two pages of chores, and a blank version to add in your own. I did make these printables for my family specifically- so vacuum couch upstairs and vacuum couch downstairs. Wipe baseboards upstairs, wipe baseboards downstairs. We also have dust the fake plants. You might not have fake plants- So you can just toss that one! Each kid takes a bathroom to clean on Monday- so there are no bathroom chores!

I printed out the pick a chore on one side- and then put it back in the printer to print them on the back. Then I run them through the laminator to make sure they last a goooood long time! 

I always get asked about printers- THIS is the one I use and love! And THIS Is the laminator I use (and love too!)

Here are the free chore printables- I would love if you shared on social media to help other people find this post!

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