Clean Mask holder printable

It’s so nice to have an extra Mask in your car or purse. So grab this mask holder printable and an old altoid tin and make the best mask holder! 

Supplies you need to make the mask holder :

I always get asked about printers- THIS is the one I use and love! I printed them out and cut them out with my Fiskars Paper Trimmer.

You can laminate them to hold up over time- but that’s optional!  THIS Is the laminator I use (and love)

I just hot glued them to the tops of the lid of my Altoid tins. I peeled one off to see how well the hot glue held up- and I had to really pry it up! So it really held up! 

I made a clean and dirty mask printable depending on your need! The clean one is great as an extra one to throw in your purse or backpack!

Here is the mask holder printable- I would love for you to share on social media so other people can find this post too! 

If you have more spare altoid tins- make sure to check out my Altoid tin roundup! So many cool ideas! 


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